Sunday, May 3, 2009

(Almost) Half-Way Mark

So, it is almost half way through the 2009 and I have been somewhat faithful to my new year’s goals. 

  • I did get a car, first thing this year, and that was a headache.  Next week, I will try that endeavor again.
  • I haven’t volunteered yet. No car.
  • Still no job. More applications, still no job.
  • In terms of friendships, I’m learning that simply being the friend you want to have leads to you being viewed as weird and annoying.
  • I’m beginning to hate Grad School, but I really have no choice but to play nice.
  • I know that I am not happy with my church community, but I cannot let one bozo make me turn my back on a handful of great people.

So far so good! I have stuck to the off/on schedule of working out and healthy stuff, but some weeks I walk so much that I think doing anymore exercise would make me loose weight. I think this year is still fresh and there is plenty promise still left in it.

I haven’t kept upped the blog as I would have liked, but that is part of the half-assed nature of being an overworked student. I noticed that I have become addicted to youtube and have been increasing my subscriptions daily. I have also started tweeting, but I still don’t quite get it.  I think all these new communication methods are great, it just a pain to keep them all in sync( and if you happen to be as unpopular as me, you don’t really see the point either). I want to add video to my blog, but i don’t have a camera anymore( at least one that does video),I’m bummed about that.

One last thing, before I retire to more bsing for the night: I get the impression that I am not particularly liked. I think I make people sick. I notice that when I’m around, it’s like I am a pain in the rectum….I’ll take a picture to capture this next time.


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LT said...

Eh..who cares about popularity?! :-) Besides...I like you!